About Us

Voices of Chance Animal League

Voices of Chance Animal League (VOCAL) is dedicated to the loving memory of Chance. Chance was an elderly, abandoned, lab-mix that was living her last days at a shelter. She was adopted by the Wyches, the founders of VOCAL, and lived her last five incredible years loving and being loved by her adoptive family.

“Chance was my inspiration to learn more about shelter animals, who they are and where they come from.  This knowledge led me to learn more about all animals and how we, as humans, treat them.  This inspired our desire to help make a positive difference in their lives.”  Angie Wyche

We are pleased to announce our latest endeavor, For The Animals (FTA) Grant Program.  Each quarter we award a $5,000 grant to a local animal rescue organization.  For everything you need to know about our FTA grants click the Grants tab.

Our Breaking the Chains Program was our beginning in animal advocacy and of course, breaking the chains will always hold a place of great compassion in our hearts.  The program was successful and Leon County adopted a Attended Tether Only ordinance in 2017.  This change only allows for tethering/chaining a dog if the owner is outside with the dog and also in clear view of the dog. The ordinance revision brought an end to permanent chaining, which is proven to be emotionally and physically harmful to any dog.  We will always give first priority to any group working to end the horrid practice of dog chaining in their community.

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